Our Fragrances -     our top sellers are highlighted

african violets
amber moss + teak
anjou pear
Aquamarine + oakmoss
Avocado + mint
baby powder
bamboo & white lily
black amber & lavender
blush peony + suede
black licorice and candied oranges
cedar + stone fruit
citrus & basil
coconut & lemongrass
coconut & lime
coconut & elderflower
coconut + saffron
citrus & lime
fig & pear
fig & vanilla
frankincense & myrr
fresh cut roses
green bamboo + fig
japanese honeysuckle
japanese cherry blossom
lavender, ylang ylang + peppermint
lemon verbena & rose
lily & white rose
lychee & peony
lime, basil & mandarin
lime & sandalwood
lily of the valley & fresh peonies
lily of the valley and hibiscus flower
lotus flower
lychee & black tea
magnolia + citrus
mango & coconut
mimosa & mandarin
Moscato sangria
musk & sandalwood
nectarine & mint
passionfruit & coconut
pink peony
poppy floral
rain water
rasperry & violet
red skins
raspberry, lemon & rose
saab - based on elly saab fragrance
sea salt + driftwood
singapore orchid
sweet lemongrass & pear
sweet lemongrass & apple
sweetpea & jasmine
sweet pea & vanilla
scent of the orient
summer pomelo
tahitian vanilla
Tiger Lily + patchouli
thyme & olive leaf
summer fruits
sparkling watermelon
vanilla bean
violet & lime
vanilla bean enriched with almond milk
wild mint & lime
white jasmine + ivy
white tea & berries
wood sage + sea salt